Past UPDWG Webinars

UPDWG Webinars

UPDWG curates quarterly webinars featuring new topics on drones for use in public health. If you have a topic you would like to feature, email

Integrating Drones into Immunization Supply Chains

November 7, 2019 | 10am-11:30am EST

In this webinar, UPDWG and TechNet-21, the Technical Network for Strengthening Immunization Services, will explore when integrating drones into existing iSCs is feasible and how you can operationalize drones in existing immunization programs. UPDWG Members from UNICEF and VillageReach will share their experiences from Vanuatu and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in integrating drones transportation into the routine immunization supply chain.

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Other Events

Check out upcoming events from our members and partners.

Commercial UAV Expo Americas

October 28 - 30, 2019

The education program focuses on UAS integration and operation in select commercial markets. In addition to industry-specific breakouts, topics will include workflow integration, security/counterdrone technology, IPP, robotics, UTM, LAANC and more.

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IATA AirPharma Conference

October 29 - 31, 2019

The IATA Air Pharma Conference will provide an opportunity for experts from Pharma Industry to come together in order to discuss and apply fundamental principles of supply chain excellence that address customers’needs. It will address effective temperature controlled chain management and innovative solutions to mitigate risk throughout the supply chain and emerging issues for the industry.

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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) DRONE ENABLE Symposium

November 12 - 14, 2019

The symposium will bring together key stakeholders from government, industry, academia, and international organizations active in the unmanned aviation sector to exchange research, best practices, lessons learned and respective challenges.

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Global Health Supply Chain Summit

November 20 - 22, 2019

The summit will focus on maximizing global health supply chain impact: data and analytics, entrepreneurship and accessibility. As in the previous conferences, the summit will assemble an impressive group of practitioners and experts from the global health supply chain field including academics, country planners, NGOs, logistics practitioners, pharmaceutical industry, and donor representatives. They encourage both English and French speaking presenters and participants.

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Amsterdam Drone Week

December 2 - 6, 2019

Amsterdam Drone Week is a co-created events festival, that unites the brightest and most creative minds of the UAS Industry, showcases the latest technology and helps unlock the potential of drones and discovery of new applications. For the duration of one week, this umbrella event connects the entire UAS value chain through a diversity of events around drone regulations, new technology and future solutions.

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African Drone Forum

February 5- 8, 2020

The 2020 African Drone Forum comprises a Symposium, Expo and Flying Competitions, which will take place in Rwanda. The Symposium and Expo will be taking place in Kigali from February 5 to 7, 2020. Competitive flights will commence on February 8, 2020.

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