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The MD3 is the world’s leading database of drones for health implementations. The MD3 provides users with easily accessible data to inform future operations, identify partners, and share learning about the results and impact of drones for good.

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A Zipline Drone Operator Preparing a drone for delivery

Webinar - Distributing COVID-19 Vaccines: The Role of Drones In Ghana’s Health Supply Chain

June 24, 2021 | 10am-11pm EST

Even during normal times, health systems and health supply chains in most countries face challenges, which are further exacerbated and prolonged due to emergencies. During a health emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chains are as much a part of the response as other parts of the healthcare system. Zipline Ghana is a central part of the Ghanaian medical supply chain, operating four distribution centers and serving 2,000 health facilities with routine medical supplies and emergency blood and essential medicines. In this webinar, Zipline and Ghana Health Service unpack some of the strategies and lessons learned from distributing COVID-19 vaccines with drones in Ghana.

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