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Protecting Ghana’s Election: Instant Agility With Zipline’s Autonomous Delivery Network

January 12, 2021

A case study on how Ghana leveraged the Zipline autonomous delivery network to distribute >18,000 face masks to poll workers in less than a day’s notice.

The Future of the Drone Economy

December 1, 2020
Levitate Capital

A comprehensive analysis of the economic potential, market opportunities, and strategic considerations in the drone economy.

UPDWG Webinar

Market considerations to accelerate medical drone delivery at scale

November 16, 2020

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Drones in International Development: Innovating the Supply Chain to Reach Patients in Remote Areas

October 27, 2020

Final project report from the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management drones for HIV/AIDS commodity delivery project in North Malawi.

An Evaluation of the Drone Delivery of Adrenaline Auto-Injectors for Anaphylaxis: Pharmacists’ Perceptions, Acceptance, and Concerns

October 9, 2020
S. Beck, T.T. Bui, A. Davies, et al.

This study evaluates the potential risk, reward, pharmacists perceptions and impact of drone transportation on the stability of adrenaline auto-injectors, such as EpiPen®.

UPDWG Webinar

Introducing the Medical Drone Delivery Database (MD3)

October 8, 2020
UPDWG & VillageReach

This webinar provides information on how to explore the database and guidance on how to collect and  submit your data.

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October 2020 Newsletter - Issue 37

October 2, 2020

Decentralizing drone regulations in low-altitude airspace

October 1, 2020
Julie Batemen

This papers argues that US States should affirm their authority over drone operations in low-altitude airspace to accelerate competition and to tailor drone regulation to local preferences for privacy, property rights, and civil liberties concerns.

The Use of UAV/Drones in the Optimization of Nigeria Vaccine Supply Chain

October 1, 2020
M. Omole Timilehin, O. Aturaka, P. Olaiya, et al.

This study is aimed at determining the potentials of UAV/Drones in the optimization of Nigeria Vaccine Supply Chain through a survey of supply chain for public health commodity professionals.

Using the public perception of drones to design for explicability

September 1, 2020
Dylan Cawthorne

In this paper, early indications of the Danish public’s perception of drones for use in public healthcare are presented.