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UPDWG Webinar

Introducing the Medical Drone Delivery Database (MD3)

October 8, 2020
UPDWG & VillageReach

This webinar provides information on how to explore the database and guidance on how to collect and  submit your data.

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October 2020 Newsletter - Issue 37

October 2, 2020

Using the public perception of drones to design for explicability

September 1, 2020
Dylan Cawthorne

In this paper, early indications of the Danish public’s perception of drones for use in public healthcare are presented.

We live on hope - Ethical considerations of humanitarian use of drones in post-disaster Nepal

September 1, 2020
Ning Wang

This paper constitutes one element of a research project that examines technological innovation in the aid sector and how it intersects with moral values, norms, and commitments through an in-depth case study following the 2015 Nepal earthquake.


September 2020 Newsletter - Issue 36

September 1, 2020

Measuring Effects of Drone Delivery in the United States

September 1, 2020
Virginia Tech University

This report measures the potential impact of drone delivery for consumers, local businesses and communities across the U.S.

Insights Before Flights: How Community Perceptions Can Make or Break Medical Drone Deliveries

August 30, 2020
S. Truog, L. Maxim, C. Matemba, et al.

In order to inform the introduction of drones in new contexts, this paper analyzed similarities and differences in community perceptions of medical delivery drones in Malawi, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Dominican Republic.

Context-Specific Challenges, Opportunities, and Ethics of Drones for Healthcare Delivery in the Eyes of Program Managers and Field Staff: A Multi-Site Qualitative Study

August 17, 2020
V. Jeyabalan, E. Nouvet, P. Meier, et al.

This paper aims to document and advance awareness of diverse context-specific concerns, challenges, and complexities encountered by individuals working on the front lines of drones for health.


August 2020 Newsletter - Issue 35

August 1, 2020

UPDWG Webinar

Introducing ICAO UAS Model Regulations

July 23, 2020

This webinar presented an overview of the ICAO UAS Model Regulations developed to support UAS regulatory harmonization.