Phase 0 Technology Demonstration
Phase 1 Safety & Feasibility Testing
Phase 2 Measuring Effectiveness
Phase 3 Expanding Impact


South Africa

Year Flights Began


Contact Organization


Evidence Generated

Total # of successful flights


Max flight distance achieved

7 km

Type of flight permission secured

  • No permission required
  • VLoS
  • BVLos
  • Other – see full data set

Location of Flight Permission

  • Site specific permission
  • Broad geographic permission
  • Other – see full data set

Level of stakeholder engagement

  • No engagement needed
  • Engagement of regulatory bodies only
  • Stakeholders at landing and takeoff sites oriented
  • Community outreach campaign targeting takeoff and landing site and wider community

Max payload carried per flight

20 kg

Maximum flight speed

60 km/h

Duration of flight permission

  • One-time
  • Limited duration
  • Unlimited duration
  • Other - see full data set

Results measured

  • Surveillance image
  • Benefits not evaluated
  • Transportation time
  • Product quality
  • Costs
  • Health worker impact
  • Environmental impact
  • Other – see full data set
  • Results not measured
  • Contact organization for more details

References to Findings

Related Project Phases

Implementation Details

Status of Project


Contact Person

Pavan Ananth

Other Partners

UNICEF Innovation Fund


Stimulated medical products & Non-medical payload

Geographic Scope

Private testing field, Cape Town

Funding Source

UNICEF Innovation Fund & Private investors

Drone Technology

Drone Supplier


Model Name

Cloudship I

Method of Flight



Electric motor

Power Source


Payload Capacity

4.5 kg
470 x 180 x 180 cm

Maximum flight time with full payload in still air

208 minutes

Radio Links

UHF radio

Delivery method



Delivery & collection

Are major repairs possible on-site?

Yes, with local materials