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Supply chain professionals will meet in Cape Town to explore diverse topics – from AI, Blood, circularity and drones to finance, healthcare, piracy and ports

Cape Town

Supply chain professionals worldwide gather in Cape Town for the SAPICS Conference, exploring topics like AI, circularity, healthcare, and piracy. With a focus on "Supply Chain Metamorphosis," discussions include healthcare logistics, maritime disruptions, and the role of drones in medical delivery. Sessions also address supply chain finance and strategies for port competitiveness.

UPDWG Webinar featuring Skyports & Apian


In this webinar, Skyports and Apian, two organisations leading the charge on medical drone deliveries in the UK will discuss their learnings from setting up multiple healthcare drone delivery operations for the NHS. Specifically the webinar will focus on how a healthcare focused approach starting with the clinicians and patients is critical – alongside the well known regulatory and operational approaches of flying drones beyond visual line of sight.