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UPDWG Webinar featuring Skyports & Apian


In this webinar, Skyports and Apian, two organisations leading the charge on medical drone deliveries in the UK will discuss their learnings from setting up multiple healthcare drone delivery operations for the NHS. Specifically the webinar will focus on how a healthcare focused approach starting with the clinicians and patients is critical – alongside the well known regulatory and operational approaches of flying drones beyond visual line of sight.

UPDWG Webinar Featuring PSI Madagascar and Aerial Metric

The Ministry of Public Health and PSI Madagascar have been delivering health commodities (malaria, family planning, HIV, maternal and child health) and vaccines to last mile and remote areas by drones since 2019 in five regions of the country. The project is in the stage of demonstrating evidence, to help answer the question to what degree does investment in drone-based logistics strengthen public health outcomes in remote communities; and how can this be scaled up cost-effectively. For this activity, PSI Madagascar works closely with University of North Carolina and Innovations for Poverty Action. During the webinar, PSI Madagascar will explain achievements and challenges since 2019, the engagement of the government through the Ministry of Public Health, and the evidence generation strategy while AerialMetric will explain the technical side of drone operations.